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These amps are quiet in the studio, loud on stage, and are hand-wired custom workhorses! The guys at Swamp Works take pride in designing amps to be played, to last, and to give you the best amp you'll ever own.
 - Robbie Calvo (Studio)

Take a step in the right direction in your quest for amazing tone.
Love your guitar. Love your music. Love your amplifier.

We don't cut corners. We don't tell you what you want. We won't pressure you into buying something you haven't asked for.  We know that we make the best tube guitar amplifiers out there period. If you want to see what your guitar was really meant to sound like, or if you're ready to invest in an amp that you'll never have to replace because you found something better, this is it.

All of our amplifiers are handmade in the USA from the highest quality components.
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Featured Work (Coming Soon)
Check out the details on some of our best work.

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